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Uncompromising Design:

We'll let you in on a secret: This caseback almost didn't make it into production.


Utilizing a conventional sapphire dome wasn't possible. Any design doing so would result in two outcomes: Add too much to the svelte profile of these vintage dress watches, or only show part of the movement. 


To bring our vision into reality, we employed the most costly of measures: Developing a special aspherical sapphire element, painstakingly ground from optical-grade sapphire glass. The dramatic, aspherical profile of the element allows for the absolute minimal profile and full view of the movement. 


This bubble dome, designed solely for Omega's bumper and early full-rotor movements, is the basis for our snap-back sapphire exhibition caseback for 1950s Omega Seamasters and Constellations. With this caseback, you can view the workings of your timepiece without compromising its svelte profile! Whether you have a Chronometre Seamaster or a Pie Pan Constellation, you can take in the warm, coppery tones of your 500-series Omega calibre at your leisure!



No Expense Spared:

As with all of our casebacks, we use a high standard of finishing to evaluate our parts. We carefully machine the hardened 316L steel and diligently apply a smooth mirror polish. The costly aspherical sapphire dome is then precisely pressed into place and tested for proper fitment. 


If you have any questions, feel free to send a message, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Snap-Back Sapphire Exhibition Caseback for 1950s Seamasters and Constellations

SKU: C3-CB3-2024
  • The is a snap-back caseback designed for some of the 1950s Omega dress watches that house bumper-series movements. It is not designed to be compatible with divers or chronographs. The caseback is confirmed to fit the following references:

    Constellation 2852 (calibre 501 / 505)

    Seamaster 2766 (caliber 344)
    Seamaster 2767 (caliber 351 /354)
    Seamaster 2846 (caliber 500 / 501)
    Seamaster 2848 (caliber 490 / 491)
    Seamaster Calendar 2849 (caliber 503)

    This caseback is not designed to fit the CK2577 Seamaster. Another is in the works that will offer compatibility.

    If your reference isn't in this list, contact us with it, and we can check to see if this caseback is compatible with your watch. 

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