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About Us

     Based in San Diego, California, Spiralwinder Watch Parts has been creating premium watch parts for international collectors since 2018. 


​     At SWP, we believe you should have the freedom to enjoy your timepieces how you like. The finishing of your watch’s movement should be enjoyed at your leisure, rather than only via pictures taken at every periodic service. In order for this to be possible, the installation of a custom part should never compromise any aspect of your watch. The water resistance, ergonomics, and finish of your timepiece must be either maintained or elevated.

     To this end, we have created durable, quality casebacks that don’t compromise on aesthetics and ergonomics. Our bezels let you refresh your vintage watch so you don’t have to worry about damaging original external parts. Our precision-engineered watch components let you get the enjoyment you deserve, finished to the highest standards.

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