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Here by popular demand: Our take on the caseback of one of the most famous watches in the world! 


Don't Conceal, Reveal:

See your Submariner in a new light with our caseback – Slim yet sturdy, it offers you a full, unobstructed view of your Rolex movement. For the first time, this caseback gives you a true edge-to-edge viewing experience and 300m water resistance, so you can see your entire movement without compromise.


Uncompromising Design:

We set out to forge a caseback that establishes a new standard of durability and quality. How can one create a design that maintains the original height, allows a full view of the movement, and preserves the watch's durability?


This is possible due to our specially ground dome, formed from optical-grade sapphire glass. The aspherical curvature of the dome carefully tracks the movement's curvature, ensuring a minimal profile and full view of your movement. Multiple colorless anti-reflective coatings on the dome's underside suppress errant light, ensuring you a clear view of your Rolex's perpetual heart. 


No Expense Spared:

Staying true to the design of the original caseback is critical to us. To this end, we have utilized the same finishing techniques: Sandblasted locking flutes, and circular brushing applied on the periphery of the caseback. The hardened steel ring is carefully cut from a high CrMo stainless alloy for superior corrosion resistance and finishing properties. 



With this caseback, showcase the genuine, beating heart of your Rolex with unmatched clarity!


If you have any questions, send us a message!

Slim Caseback For Rolex Submariner and Submariner Date

SKU: CRS-CB165-23
  • This caseback is designed to fit modern Rolex Submariners and Submariner Dates.

    - Submariner: 14060 / 114060 / 124060
    - Submariner Date: 16610 / 16613 / 116610 / 116613 / 126610 / 126613

    Caseback Model Number:  2160 or 2360
    (select appropriate reference from above list)

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