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Here by popular demand – The Sapphire Exhibition Caseback for your Vintage Rolex Datejust!


Don't Conceal, Reveal:

Elevate the experience of your Datejust with our revolutionary caseback – Slim yet sturdy, it offers you a full, unobstructed view of your Rolex movement. For the first time, this caseback gives you a true edge-to-edge viewing experience, so you can see your entire movement.


Uncompromising Design:

Creating a caseback that balances innovation, transparency, and unwavering quality is no easy task. How is it possible to create one that maintains the original height, allows a full view of the movement, and preserves the durability of the watch?


What makes this possible is our specially ground dome, cut from optical-grade sapphire glass. The curvature of the dome carefully tracks the movement's curvature, ensuring a minimal profile. Multiple colorless anti-reflective coatings on the dome's underside suppress errant light, ensuring you a clear view of your movement. 


No Expense Spared:

Staying true to the design language of the original casebacks is critical to us. There is a fine line between complementing the aesthetics of a timepiece and altering it unnecessarily. To this end, we have utilized the same finishing techniques: Sandblasted locking flutes, circular brushing applied on the periphery of the caseback, and careful polishing of the upper caseback rim. Thus, staying true to the three-fold finishing of original casebacks.


With our caseback, showcase the heart of your Rolex with unmatched clarity!


If you have any questions, send us a message!


Extra-Slim Sapphire Exhibition Caseback for Vintage Rolex Datejust

SKU: CR1-CB16-23
Out of Stock
  • This caseback is designed to fit vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust models.

    Caseback Model Number 1600: 1600/1601/1603

    Caseback Model Number 16000: 16003/16013/16014/16030

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