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Want to enhance your Omega Seamaster 300m and gain a deeper appreciation for its intricate movement? This sapphire exhibition caseback is the perfect solution. In addition to paying tribute to the 1957 Seamaster 300, this accessory allows you to see and savor the inner workings of your timepiece. Specifically designed for the 41mm Seamaster divers housing the 1109, 1120, or Co-Axial 2500 calibres, it provides a unique opportunity to admire the precision and craftsmanship behind your Omega. This caseback seamlessly blends heritage and contemporary style, offering a tangible connection to the artistry that powers your dive watch.


How it's Made:

Our caseback is meticulously crafted with attention to detail. It comprises an outer ring made from high-quality 316L stainless steel, precision-machined to exact specifications. The slots designed for the opener tool undergo a thorough sandblasting process to eliminate any machining marks, providing a clean and refined look. This process also creates a striking contrast with the polished double-bevel, a distinctive feature seen on early Seamaster 300 models ranging from the 2913 to the 166.024. We faithfully replicate this feature on each caseback, along with the 'CERTIFIED HIGH PRESSURE WATERPROOF' engraving to honor the Seamaster's heritage.


Following the polishing of the double-bevel to achieve a flawless mirror finish, we delicately fit the stainless steel ring with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. To enhance clarity for viewing and capturing photographs of your watch movement, we apply a colorless, multi-layer AR coating to the crystal. This coating ensures that you enjoy a clear and unobstructed view of the inner workings of your timepiece.

Sapphire Exhibition Caseback for Seamaster 300m

SKU: A8-CB5-2023
  • This caseback is designed for the 41mm diameter 'Full-Size' Seamaster 300m.

    This caseback will fit the following 1109/1120 calibre references:

    - 2531.80 (Seamaster 300m 'James Bond')

    - 2254.50 (Seamaster 'Peter Blake')

    - 2255.80  ('Electric Blue 007')

    - 2532.20 ('Polar White Seamaster Diver')

    - 2332.80

    - 2231.80

    This caseback will also fit the quartz full-size variations
    (2541.80, 2264.50, 2065.80, 2542.20, 2342.80)

    This caseback also can be used with:

    - 2220.80 (Co-Axial Bond Diver, 2500 calibre)

    - (Co-Axial Bond Diver, Black)

    - (Ceramic Co-Axial, Blue)

    - (Quartz 300m, Black)


    If your reference is not on the list, contact us to see if we can assess compatibility!




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