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Prices for servicing 2310-based movements are prohibitively high. It's no secret that the main reason for this is the scarcity of new parts. Even though many watch brands create 2310-based movements today, and even though Omega has recreated the 321, nobody offers parts to third-party watchmakers and enthusiasts such as you or I.

This is a replacement hour hammer spring designed for the Omega 320-321, and Lemania 2310/CH27 model of chronograph. It has been crafted from carbon steel and heat-treated to provide the appropriate spring characteristics necessary for use in movements. These springs drastically lose effectiveness after enduring metal fatigue over decades of use, and must be replaced to avoid issues such as chrono creep and soft resets. 

These newly manufactured replacements will offer better spring properties than used examples, which have typically been removed from running movements after being worn from years of use.
Important Information: 
- If you are a watchmaker, and would like to purchase these components in bulk, contact me so I can offer you better pricing.
- This listing is offering only the spring. The movement and movement components are not included.
- International shipping is provided at a flat rate of $10. 
If you have any questions regarding this component, feel free to contact me and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Replacement Hour Hammer Spring for Omega 321 320 - 1794 Lemania 2310

SKU: 3201794A20
  • This product is designed to be used with movements that are based on the Lemania 2310. The Omega 320, and Omega 321 movements utilize this hammer spring, and it is compatible with them. Assembly should be done by an experienced watchmaker. We are not responsible for any damage done to the movement as a result of neglect when mounting this component. 

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